The Pair of Us (LP out of print re-released on CD)

1 Jamboree
2 Carrigfergus
3 Kilfenora
4 James Connelly
5 Greenflag
6 Old Brigade
7 Rivers
8 Cuanla
9 Mermaid
10 Glenside


Live at the Waterhole (LP out of print rereleased on CD)

1 Step it out Mary
2 Gentle Annie
3 Rosin Dubh The Rebel
4 Golden Vanity
5 Dew in the Morning
6 There Has To Be an End
7 Wind in the Willows
8 The Old Triangle
9 Mandolin Misfortunes
10 Simplicity


One for the Road (LP out of print, released on CD in April 2014)

1-When I was a Fair Maid
2-Green Fields of France
3-John Ryans/Dennis Murphys
4-Red is the Rose
5-Yellow Gals
6-The Pig and I
8-The Water is Wide
9-Dougherty’s Fancy/Joy of My Life
10-A Bunch of Thyme
11-Reynard The Fox/Foxhunters Jig


Down in the Wee Room (LP out of print rereleased on CD)

1-Home By Bearna
2-Bonny Ship The Diamond
3-Crooked Jack
4-Mary on the Wild Moor
5-Banks of the Lee
6-Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her
7-Farewell to Carlingford
8-Farewell Green Valleys
9-The Dutchman
10-Down in the Wee Room


Limerick Town (released only on cassette tape, Out of print )

1-The Orchard
3-Come Up The Stairs
5-Limerick Town
6-Rambling Rover
7-Ride On
8-The Aherlow
9-The Athens Queen
10-The Flowerseller


Three Sheets to the Wind (Out of print)

1-So Long Marianne
2-Donegal Danny
3-The Rambler from Clare
4-Twa Recruiting Sergeants
5-The Smuggler
6-The Rare Oul’ Times
7-The Crack was Ninety
8-The Reason I Left Mullingar
9-She Moves Through the Fair


The Grande Affaire (released only on casette tape)

1-Grand Affaire
2-Day Of The Clipper
3-Mist Covered Mountian/Jock Stewart
4-Mary Ellen Carter
6-Dublin Jack of All Trades
7-Mucky Kid
8-Bonnie Light Horseman
9-Honor Bright
10-Try For The Sun


Some Things Never Change

( CD is a rerelease of arts of Three Sheets to the Wind and Grand Affaire)

1-So Long Marianne
2-Donegal Danny
3-The Rambler from Clare
4-Twa Recruiting Sergeants
5-The Rare Oul’ Times
6- The Smuggler
7-The Old Man
8-The Reason I Left Mullingar
9-She Moves Through the Fair
10-Grand Affaire
11-Day Of The Clipper
12-Mist Covered Mountian/Jock Stewart
13-Mary Ellen Carter
15-Dublin Jack of All Trades
16-Mucky Kid
17-Bonnie Light Horseman
18-Try For The Sun


Better Late Than Never

2-Jigs (Shaskeen Selection)
3-Rose Marie (Paddy Joe)
4-Barleycorn and Reel Tarbolton
5-Boston Rose (Liam Reilly)
6- Lonesome Boatman (Finbar Furey)
7-Westmeath Bachelor (W. Whelan)
8-Black is the Colour
9-Reels, Pigeon on the Gate Selection
10-The Voyage (Johnny Duhan)
11-Boolevogue and Reels
12-Freemantle Bay
13-Home Away From Home (Robbie O’Connell)


Live at the Half Time Rec

1-Reels: Eddie MoLony’s/The New Policeman/London Lasses
2-Rocky Road To Dublin
3-Carrick Fergus
4-Jigs: Butterfly/Kesh Jig
5-The Dutchman
6-On The One Road
7-Ride On
8-Hornpipes: Rites of Mann/Boys of Blue Hill
9-The Night Visit
10-Black Is The Color
11-Whiskey You’re The Devil
12-Jig Selection
13-Peggy Sue
14-Reels: Tommy Coen’s/Cregg’s P. Pes
15-I’ll Tell Me Ma
16-North and South
17-Working Man
18-The Big Mistake


We’ll Have One More

1 Follow Me Up To Carlow
2 Over To Charlie
3 And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
4 The Terror Time
5 Reels: Cameronian/Beare Island/The Boys of Malin
6 I Once Loved A Lass
7 Hallelujah
8 Scorn Not His Simplicity
9 Jigs: The Lark in the Morning/The Kesh Jig
10 The Galway Races
11 Carry Me To The Sea
12 Haul Away Joe