Mike Wallace

A Native of County Limerick, Mike Wallace’s musical career began with several Irish rock and roll bands where he developed his unique performing style. Arriving in America in the early seventies along with his original partner Gerry Goodwin, he brought with him a resurgence of Irish music and they became known as the Irish Brigade. Years later Gerry returned to Ireland and Mike continued on playing with various artists and bands along the way (mainly with folk group The Old Triangle) before reforming the Irish Brigade with Sean Conway in 1988. His most recent partner until 2015 was Joe Smith, and is currently playing with many talented musicians from the Twin Cities and St. Louis, Missouri. Mike has been instrumental in introducing many new Irish performers to his American audiences. He is regarded as one of the key persons responsible for the growth of Irish music and dance, not only in the Twin Cities but throughout America. Mike carries with him the enthusiasm and energy into every performance just as much today as he did when he first arrived on the shores of America in the early seventies, “I wouldn’t tell ye lies lads, I wouldn’t tell ye lies”.